Now offering medication management for youth and adults


Individual Therapy

Work one-on-one with a trained mental health clinician in a safe and confidential environment. Individual counseling incorporates various strategies to help individuals increase self-awareness, goal setting, confidence, and reality acceptance.

Couples Therapy

Couple and marriage counseling helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationships. Visits focus on conflict resolution, communication, intimacy, respect, affection, and compassion.

Family Therapy

Family members work together to identify and resolve conflict. Each member is part of a system. Family counseling aims to improve cohesion, communication, bonding, and tolerance.

Medication Management

Studies have shown that the most effective treatment for some psychiatric conditions is a combination of therapy and medication.

Medication is not for everyone. However, if you find that after some time in therapy you’re still struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, mood swings or insomnia, you might consider being evaluated for medication. Antidepressant, anti-anxiety and mood-stabilizing medications are most commonly prescribed. If you’re a candidate for medication, you’ll meet regularly with the prescriber to determine if adjustments to your treatment plan need to be made.